Junior Golf Testimonials

Michael A. Binford, MD

I have been an avid golfer for over four decades and have had a zero handicap for most of that time.  As most long time golfers, I have fought certain tendencies in my golf swing.  I have had the opportunity to have taken lessons from several of Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teaching Pros, but Tim Sheredy helped me understand more in my first lesson with him than I learned from any series of lessons with any of the other top teachers.  If your desire is to understand the “why” in addition to the “how” of the golf swing, I cannot recommend Tim Sheredy highly enough.

Jeff Swindell

My name is Jeff Swindell and my daughter Kristin was a freshman in high school when she met Tim Sheredy.  Tim is by far the most knowledgeable golf teacher we have ever worked with. He was able to take Kristin from an average junior player to a full College Scholarship in the time he worked with her. There aren’t enough great things I could say about Tim as a golf teacher his teaching program is as good as it gets, but more than that Tim is easily one of the best people you will ever meet. His compassion and desire for the kids to become better players and people is the BEST you will find.

Geoff Mangum MD

Tim Sheredy is clearly one of the most knowledgeable, experienced, and effective golf coaches I’ve ever known. He is also the best coach for serious junior, collegiate, and young professional players in the game. He is mature and responsible, caring and reliable — a serious golfer could not find a sounder choice for making solid advancement in golf.

Kendall Griffin’s Mom

Kendall enjoys working with coach Tim. Her swing has consistently improved along with her putting, short game, and passion for the game of golf. He always has just the right drill to help her make changes more quickly. As a visual learner seeing her swing on video allows her to have a better understanding of her golf swing. She loves getting positive feedback about what she is doing well and he motivates her to be the best that she can be.

Bill Nelson, Mind Management Group

Over the last thirty years, I have had the opportunity to be around some of the best teachers in golf. I am completely comfortable in saying that I would put Tim Sheredy at the top of that list. What sets Tim apart from his peers is his complete understanding of the causes and effects of the golf swing. While many instructors treat only the symptoms of the problem, Tim has the uncanny ability to isolate the root causes and fix the problem. He doesn’t just band aid golf swings together, to get you through the next tournament, but he builds a swing that will last a lifetime. I have sent many of my students to Tim over the years and they all tell me that it was the best thing they ever did for their golf game. In golf, you are measured by your results. If you want to see your results improve begin working with Tim, today!!

Debra Warren

As a parent, you always hope to find that one coach who connects with your children and enhances not only their golf skills, but their life skills as well. Tim Sheredy is that special coach. He has been working with Oliver and Sophia for the past two years. During this time, Tim has transformed their swing, short game, and course management strategies from beginning junior golfers to confident tournament winners. His coaching style is insightful and impactful. Tim creates success by identifying strengths in his students, and then designing a personal blueprint for specific growth and improved results. He has the unique ability to present techniques in a fun and understandable way with the goal of helping kids become their own coach on the course. One of Tim’s best assets is his development of S.H.A.R.P. golf and building kids up from the inside. Tim places an emphasis on learning through a growth mindset, embracing a world class attitude, and carrying oneself as a champion on and off the course. Tim’s enthusiasm for what he does is contagious as Oliver and Sophia wake up every day excited to be their best!

Bob Burlison

All my children have had the opportunity to be coached by Tim. He is truly committed to golf and his students. While many teachers have the ability to work with players who are already accomplished, Tim has the ability to develop a junior from scratch to a high level performer. He does this by stressing the all-important fundamentals. Tim has developed some of the finest junior golfers ever and continues to produce champions on and off the course.

David Madras

I’ve known Tim for fifteen years now and I can honestly say it’s been a privilege learning from him, working with and for him, and consider him a true and loyal friend! From my own personal experience, it’s hard to find a golf coach these days that can put his ego aside and constantly grow, learn, and better himself daily, all for the benefit of his students in mind! Tim is the consummate professional at all times. All of his students are lucky to have someone so dedicated to his craft! I’m a better person and golf coach, a person I never would have become, without meeting Tim Sheredy!