Junior Golf Individualized

Junior Golf Instruction Bradenton, FloridaTim Sheredy’s work in teaching junior golfers in Bradenton, Florida is unparalleled in the golf industry.  Having taught and instructed over 43 AJGA All-Americans and 2 AJGA Players of the Year, Tim’s teaching style and philosophy has made him one of the best and most sought after junior golf coaches in the world. His excellent coaching and teaching philosophy has also helped 2 US Amateur winners, 2 US Amateur Runner-Ups, over 40 FCWT All-Americans, Florida Junior Tour Champions, Hurricane Junior Tour, Premier Junior Tour and IMG Golf Tour Champion winners. China’s girls National Team and Taiwan’s Junior National and Asian Games Teams have sought instruction and coaching advice from Tim.  He has appeared on Golf Channel Academy Live twice with some of his junior students to describe his coaching and teaching style.

  • INDIVIDUAL PRIVATE LESSONS: One hour or 30 minute private one on one session with Tim will get you on your way to a better golf and you will be provided with a bullet point-prescription of what your golf game needs.
  • WEEKLY CAMPS: Come and enjoy a fun filled of week of great instruction and learn TSGI’s proven golf teaching training system.
  • FLIGHTSCOPE BALL STRIKING DATA: A one hour detailed look at what’s occurring with your golf ball and club during impact. 24 ball and club detailed measurements will be given to the student.
  • FLIGHTSCOPE YARDADE GAPPING: Learn the yardages of all your clubs and see exactly how far they fly and also there trajectories and spins.
  • PUTTING CLINICS: Learn the putting system One Putt golf and take your putting to a new level.
  • SHORT GAME SPECIALTY SHOTS: Master some of golf toughest short game shots such as the high lob, long bunker shot, short sided soft shots and many more.
  • FULL-SWING POWER CLINIC SERIES: this clinic will teach and show you how to develop club head speed and hit the ball with power and compression.
  • ON COURSE PLAYING LESSONS: Go on the course and learn TSGI’s proven S.M.A.R.T. Golf philosophy to lower your scores.
  • TPI-NIKE 360 GOLF FITNESS AND GOLF INSTRUCTIONAL CLINICS: One hour packed full of fitness and golf instruction. Learn about your bodies capabilities to move efficiently and at the same time learn how it will maximize your golf game.


  • TSGI has proven results as one of junior golfs best coaches.
    Tim has been voted US Kids Top 50 teacher.
  • TSGI has taught 43 AJGA All-Americans and 2 AJGA Players of the Year.
    No junior golf coaches’ players have accomplished so many AJGA honors.
  • TSGI’s junior students have won on the following junior golf tours-
    AJGA, FCWT, IMG, Hurricane, Premiere, Florida Junior tour, Top 50 Tour, US Kids, Citrus Tour and they have won Florida State High School Championships.
  • Over 150 TSGI junior students have gone on to play collegiate golf and receive scholarships.
  • TSGI teaches its S.H.A.R.P. and S.M.A.R.T. Golf Training System.
    This is a one of a kind training system that teaches junior golfers how to succeed in golf and life.

  • TSGI teaches its “Be Your Own Coach” training system.
    This system trains its players to become knowledgeable in all aspects of self-coaching and lowering scores.
  • TSGI’s junior players develop powerful and accurate golf swings and simple and repeatable putting strokes that make putts.
    TSGI students develop repeatable and technically sound golfing motions that hold up and can handle tournament pressures.
  • TSGI teaches all 5 Components of Golf-
    Full-Swing- Short Game- Course Management- Mental Skills- Golf Fitness/Nutrition.
  • TSGI gives 100% to all of its junior players.
    TSGI truly cares about all of its junior players and takes a personal interest in their golf games and their lives.
  • TSGI has the latest in teaching technology to help its students improve.
    Flight Scope Launch Monitor- Sam Putt Lab- V-1 Golf Specific Teaching Software- Coaches Eye Teaching Software.