Adult Training & Lessons

My philosophy is based on giving the student a complete understanding of their overall golf game (long game, short game, mental game, course management, club fitting and golf fitness/nutrition). I analyse and access each student’s abilities, goals and commitment to practice and then the student and I develop a coaching plan for success.

“I believe in training students in the proper principles of how to practice effectively and properly after taking a golf lesson. This is a very important factor in a player’s improvement. A student must understand and know exactly it is what they must do after the lesson in order for them to improve.”

Tim Sheredy


  • INDIVIDUAL PRIVATE LESSONS: One hour or 30 minute private one on one session with Tim will get you on your way to a better golf and you will be provided with a bullet point-prescription of what your golf game needs.
  • ONE PUTT GOLF CLINICS: Learn the 4 steps of putting mastery; Distance Control, Stroke Fundamentals, Green Reading and Aim. You will come out of this clinic with a thorough understanding of how to putt with success.
  • FLIGHTSCOPE CLUB FITTING: Using Flightscopes state of art technology learn if your current clubs fit you and how your clubs can perform even better. Flightscope measures 24 ball and club performance data points to help you become aware if your current clubs are correct for you.
  • FLIGHTSCOPE YARDAGE GAPPING: Learn the yardages of all your clubs and see exactly how far they fly and also there trajectories and spins.
  • FULL-SWING POWER CLINICS: This clinic will teach and show you how to develop club head speed and hit the ball with power and compression.
  • ON COURSE PLAYING LESSONS: Go on the course and learn TSGI’s proven S.M.A.R.T. Golf philosophy to lower your scores. This on course lesson will be an eye opener and you will learn how to score low and consistently.
  • 10 LESSON SERIES: If you truly want to improve your golf game this 10 lesson series is the best way to do so.  TSGI will provide you with a road map and prescription on how to fix your game for long term success.
  • COUPLES  or FRIENDS SESSION: Come with a friend or a significant other and fix your game together for a fun and instructional filled hour.
  • LADIES CLINICS: Come with a group of friends and learn how to lower your scores in a friendly and fun atmosphere. Clinics can be arranged to cover any topic the group desires.
  • BEGINNER CLINICS: Come and learn golfs fundamentals in an easy to learn and comfortable environment. This clinic will make golf understandable and provide you with the tools to start the game correctly.


  • TSGI has proven results and will make you a better golfer.
  • Tim Sheredy is one of the most highly certified golf instructors.
  • TSGI uses the latest in teaching technology to help you lower your scores.
  • TSGI will give you a prescription to fix your game.
  • TSGI teaches the 5 components of golf (full-swing, short game, course management, mental game, golf fitness/nutrition).

  • Tim gives you a 100% in every lesson and he truly cares to help make all golfers better.
  • Tim is a putting guru – you will make more putts.
  • TSGI develops a long term relationship with its students.
  • TSGI teaches you how to score low.
  • Tim’s philosophy is on the individual golfer.

Coaching all the aspects of golf

To truly lower your golf scores you must become proficient in all the areas of the game. From the full swing, short game, mental side, course management and developing a body conditioning program. I will help you become a better player.

The golfer will develop a strength and areas of improvement profile that will help them pinpoint what areas to address. Far too many golfers practice only their strengths, and ignore their weaknesses, and this type of mind-set will never allow the player to reach his or her playing potential. Golfers also get obsessed with technical perfection and they lose their instincts of playing golf.

Cause and effect

Any golf motion full swing and short game shot has to deal with cause and effect issues. The golf swing and stroke happens for a reason and uncovering the root of a golfer’s problem is one of my main goals.

The first step in developing a plan of action is first to uncover what ball flight is making the golfer inconsistent. Controlling the golf ball with any golf shot is what this game is all about. If you can control your golf ball you can lower your scores.  When I access and analyse any part of a student’s game I give them a thorough understanding of what their current golfing motion is and why it causes their golf ball to react in a certain way.

The second step is to make the student understand cognitively what they need to do to correct their old motion.

The third step involves giving the student the correct feel of the new motion through drills, exercises and mirrors so they can feel their new move.

Finally the fourth step would be for the student to trust the motion on the golf course.

Fit instruction to the individual

Golfers have different body types, personalities and time constraints on them and this is why I teach and coach each person as an individual golfer.

TSGI will access and analyze each golfer’s body limitations and strengths, time available for practice and play, personality types (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) goals and golf equipment.

We will provide a plan that compliments each golfer as an individual.

Through video analysis to the use of various training aids and high tech teaching tools I can coach each person effectively so that they can maximize their golf potential.